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  The online store is currently closed until further notice. In the meantime, you may shop directly with us from our eBay Store for items that we are currently moving at clearance prices by clicking here. (NOTE: The item selection is always changing - keep checking back). If you are looking for a hard to find item, or are in need of a price or recommendation, please feel free to contact us with the exact details (manufacturers item number, SKU, etc).  We will return your request as soon as possible  with a price estimate from us, or another place to buy the item for a lower price.

  Virtual Concepts has stopped concentrating on selling new and used computer parts and/or systems, and has now concentrated on other areas. We still do service, build custom built systems (to your specs or ours), and also provide VAR or Consulting services to consumers or businesses as well as general computer repair (hardware and software - especially spyware issues), but on a much more limited basis.  With our retail drop-off location closed, we have always offered from day one to come to you if needed (sometimes help is available remotely or via simply pointing you in the right direction running a series of utilities).

  We do still sell many new and used computer related parts (using the same suppliers as we always have), as well as provide custom built systems.  Due to the recent and current competitive  nature of the computer electronics market, we have found it very difficult (if not impossible) to be able to sell at a competing price (many larger stores sell at prices lower than our wholesale costs - so do many naive first time eBay sellers).  With so many major companies/people as well as grocery stores (let's pick up some beer, butter, diapers, and a computer) now offering complete systems for well under $300.00, it is simply not worth the effort for us to attempt to compete - we simply cannot - period.  Even our regular customers have now been taking advantage of these prices. However, if you are looking for a good custom built high end system, we are still available to offer you our recommendations (to build it yourself with our own parts list or yours, or to have us build it with our own parts list, or to have us actually build the custom built system that you actually desire completely).

  Simply looking for onsite service?  We still offer that (within our radius), as we always have since 1996.  View the Labor Rates page for prices.

  Downloadable device drivers for items that we have sold in the past as well as some other hard to find drivers are available in the "Drivers" section.  Can't find it?  Email us using the email address at the right. If we don't have it, we may know who actually does.

Current owners of ANY custom built VIRCON Computer Systems looking for drivers should look here.  If you are not able to find the system specs or drivers that you need, feel free to contact us at the email address to your right with a request for exactly what you are looking for. More than likely, we do have it.  Please be able to provide us with the system tag number or the original system purchasers name (see below).

SPECIAL NOTE TO TECH SUPPORT PEOPLE: Surprisingly, many of our custom built VIRCON computer systems are still in use today (some going on 10 years or more of service) , even though many are now very outdated by todays specs. If you are looking for drivers or original system specs for custom built VIRCON computer  systems, please visit this section. If you are not able to find the system specs or drivers that you need, feel free to contact us at the email address to your left with a request for exactly what you are looking for. More than likely, we do have it.  Please provide us with at least the system tags and/or a current client name (many of your VIRCON clients asking for service are the original client of Virtual Concepts - we will be able to quickly pull up system specs and drivers that way).  All VIRCON custom built systems have a system tag number placed on (and under) the original motherboard, under the CPU, on the RAM, on the hard drive, on the CD-ROM, on and in the case/chassis, as well as on all of the original peripheral cards, etc.  It is a 6 digit number in blue ink on a small white tag.  WIth that system tag number and/or a name of the original purchaser, we should be able to determine the original systems specs and/or be able to provide system drivers. IN the case of Microsoft loaded OS systems, the original OS was provided pre-loaded on the system hard drive as well as an on-disk copy  (located at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CABS ) .  An original OEM CD-ROM was also provided to each customer  (some received an OEM CD-ROM that included Microsoft PLUS! Pack and others did not).  The full system drivers on an original system were also loaded at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VIRCON.  Custom built VIRCON Computer Systems that have been serviced by us in the past (as well as other systems serviced by us) may also contain a folder of drivers and system files located at C:\VIRCON or at C:\VC.  If you find a folder at C:\VIRCON, C:\VC, or C:\WINDOWS\CABS\VIRCON, we have previously serviced that system and have left a copy of the needed drivers in those folders.



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